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 This website was created in 1996 to promote and assist in every way the knowledge, appreciation, culture, study, development, improvement and conservation of orchids. On this website you will find more about orchids than on any other site I have found: how to grow them, history, interesting stories and lots of pictures. It contains over 54 articles on different subjects and I am expanding it constantly, adding more for beginners to the master orchid collectors, fixing bugs and answering your questions. Over 14 genera are covered in details, hundreds of species and hybrids are mentioned. Also there are many links to the best orchid related websites and orchid plants and supplies merchants. See below for the most popular pages, browse the menu for more...Before e-mailing me orchid related questions, please browse to see if your answer is already there. If not, make sure you mention the country you are writing from. I help visitors from all around the world.

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For all the orchid topics covered on this site. I am ready to speak upon invitation before your orchid society on those topics and more. In this section you can read selected articles from some of the books available for sale in my Orchid book Online store.

Orchid reference list by name. Feel free to contribute with articles or to share your experience. Please e-mail me articles for this section to admin@ionopsis.com

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A dictionary of botanical terms and expressions - some articles can be very technical.

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List of selected orchid societies. Please e-mail me your contact information admin@ionopsis.com

List of commercial orchid growers and nurseries. Growers, please, e-mail me your contact information. Advertising in this section is free, nonetheless small contributions will ensure your banner is flashier and more visible. This site is visited at present by unique visitor every 15 minutes. 39000+ times since 2004! It has been on the web since 1996.

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