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Last updated 5 July 2016

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For all the orchid topics covered on this site. I am ready to speak upon invitation before your orchid society on those topics and more.

This site is devoted on conservation of orchids. Its goal is to educate the people who grow them. Our mission is to prevent the loss of orchid plants in cultivation.

Orchids in nature (in any country on the planet) will lose their habitat sooner or later for whatever the reasons – global warming, over collection or loss of habitat due to human population growth. This process cannot be stopped. One solution for preserving the orchid species is to ensure species survival in cultivation - private or government owned. To achieve that goal, collectors ought to be encouraged to collect species along with their hybrids. Trade laws and fees for import/export must be relaxed or the species in a country will be lost forever once they lose their natural habitat. Once exported (or prepared for export) any orchid is being propagated for trade and the number of individual plants increases tremendously. Many plants are being destroyed at the borders for lack of proper documentation or for being contaminated. Many more die once they arrive in their final owner’s collection because of lack of knowledge how to grow them. Researchers actively hide their knowledge and information with the hope to collect profits.  

If only the amateur collectors are educated how to grow their plants, so they don’t die from experimentation at least those orchids will be preserved.

Example of success is the leafless orchid Dendrophylax (also known as Polyrrhiza) that is near extinction in its natural habitat, but because of its popularity in cultivation it is far from danger of being lost . The same orchid, however, is difficult to grow and many die soon because of lack of knowledge and contradicting opinions on the internet.

To fulfill our mission we publish books of information about orchids: their environment and cultivation, environmental conditions' parameters, many pictures. Furthermore, we organize educational and entertainment events – lectures and music concerts. Pages of Ionopsis.com are open to all orchid lovers who wish to share their experience or knowledge, but only after a critical peer review. If you are successful with certain species please write to us and we will publish the key elements of your technique.

 Browse the many articles about orchids and if you like what you see and wish to contribute you could donate funds through the button below – any financial support will help with our mission – conservation of orchids.

If you don’t have money to spare please e-mail us articles or information – this is equally great help.

Thank you for visiting
Krum Sotirov

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