What is Hydrotherapy?

For ardent followers of Alternative Medicine, the term Hydrotherapy might be somewhat familiar. This is an alternate term of Hydrotherapy, and as the name suggests, it deals with the nuanced usage of water as a life source, as well as for curing all kinds of ailments. You see, while I respect Western Medicine for its quick-fixes and fast-healing remedies, I am a strong believer of the fact that such kind of medication does not address the root cause of the issue. And that is where alternative medicinal techniques, come into the picture. While many people consider this field to be ‘hoax’ or ‘working on placebo effect’, I believe that Mother Nature hold a bountiful of cures for all kinds of ailments in naturally available elements on earth, and no other synthetic source of healing can ever replace that.

How does it work?

Take Hydropathy or Hydrotherapy for instance, here water is not seen as itself, but a powerful healing element and the source of all life. Have you ever wondered why you feel so rejuvenated or refreshed even after a quick shower? That’s because water serves as a detoxifying and cleaning agent that washes off all the negativity in you and fosters you with freshness and positivity. Similarly in this field of therapeutic science (if I may call it so), water in its various forms- steam, jets, Jacuzzi, sauna, mineral baths and even whirlpool baths are used categorically and in a strategically-planned manner for the purpose of healing and alleviating various kinds of physiological and mental ailments.